Catherine Miller's Instagram

This is an archive of the late Catherine Miller's Instagram photos, videos and stories, from 2015 until her death in early 2020. For more information, email Peter Rukavina.


Made these little felt piece s today It's cold. Out side a nice day to stay in and knit. Dropped by to see friends and found the cutest babe Doing a little knitting today. Gone to Standley bridge what a lovely day. It's been a hard few months but I'm starting to feel a bit better. My hair has started to grow back after chemo..just letting you know why you haven't seen any post from me in a while . Take care everyone Cleaning Goose Barry's Happy summer solstice Oliver's prom tonight can't believe I'm this old and that he is this old. A great friend. Came to visit and brought me theses wonderful threads linen and cotton. Great colours. Spring has spring I forgot what this stitch. Is. Called. Can any one help. Happy international Women's day 🌹🌼🌹🌼🌹🌼 Oliver just got his wisdom teeth out. He wanted me to let everyone know he okay. Just a little time for knitting today. I buy a lot of one scans because I don't have a project in mind but I love the colour . This is one of the scans but I'm going to put this gold with it. Oliver made supper tonight with the help of a web app. Ethan has found a new place to lay down. Good bye 2018 Happy new year everyone. Best wishes for 2019 What a mess I'm trying to untangle this very messy scan.🐿️ Cooking the turkey for tomorrow. Happy solstice every one. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Getting the tree up thanks to Ruk for getting it. Even the littlest things were me out. I broke the key off in the lock I'm not very happy it's going to cost a lot to get the lock fixed. Getting ready to go to the dance. It's great to have old friend drop by even if it's for less then 24hours. Casting on a new shall. I just want to cast on more projects it's fall and knitting time. It's hard to believe but my baby is 18 today. How did that happen. Love you so much to the moon and back. In the studio having fun today. Well today is seafood chowder day. The boys will be home any minute now from there adventure s. Wall papering with help from friend's Started painting Oliver's room. He has picked out the colours and them now I have two weeks to make it happen. Ethan got his hair cut what a handsome dog. Good morning New hair These flowers have turned a beautiful golden colour. Thanks Lori. Waiting for then to ripen. This is the most mellow dog ever. Just no one told him he's to big for a lap dog. One more square in Peter's quilt done today Beautiful dragon fly. I love dragon flys. I have these two beautiful scans of yarn and don't know what to make with them. I've been spending a lot of time resting. My health is getting in the way of getting much done. I have to remind myself to breath and accept my new normal. Laundry day alittle reading and knitting. Happy Canada day everyoneπŸ˜ŽπŸŒŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡ Summer nails now just bring on the great weather. Oliver. And I have a summer time cold. Its been a bad week . Happy summer solstice every one the full moon is coming and the tide will change.πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€but right now nap.. All about the same gage I think I will make a summer sweater with them. New hair cut. Happy Father's day ,Peter. I found this wounderful colourful cake it's cotton but very loosely spun so desired to Knott a simple summer shall. Last night of pizza and pasta at Receiver coffee.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸπŸ•πŸπŸ• Just brought some nature to the studio. Sometimes food is to prity to eat. Having a good time in Halifax Sometimes it makes building better. Happy mother's day I'm very lucky to be spending my mother's day with my mom she is visiting from Ontario. Working on wedding dress. A little tassel on the sleeve a flag for festival, black lava rock for new beginnings,a rose quartz for love, a Garnet for Passion. It's showing again and it the 20 the of April enough all ready. Staring something new let see how long it can keep my attention Lavender for promise of adveture. Anemone-- is for devotion Forget me nots for true love Ivy is for heartiness of life and love. Ivy green Anemone-- devotion, for get me not-- true love, cyclamen--lasting love, laverder-- a promise of adveture, ivy-- hardest of love. I think I've worked out the arrangement. Now I'm really wasting time but the other photo was to dark for some reason. Wasting time. A very good friend is getting married this summer .I'm looking at my silks to pick the colours for the two dresses. First captured triangle Nature is amazing Brown triangle First triangl  for a new quilt Starting a new quilt with colourful triangles Magic morning I didn't want to leave the studio today it was so cozy and it's so snowy out there Happy International Women's day to all What to do with leftover s. Farting a new quilt. It's a snowy cold day outside I've been inside all day. Starting a shrug. Staying warm Relaxing in the sun Putting the binding on The other quilt top Finished one top warming on the other one Out the studio window so warm in here. Back at the studio working on the quilts Well that's enough for today My pieces I did for two quilts I did today. Will I'm back at the studio 2018 Finished and I look like I've been attached by a white lab. This yarn is nice with the little flower in it but it is shedding like crazy. Happy New Year everyone Relaxing after a big day of Halliday. Santa was here and left lots of food and reading for everyone Just relaxing on Christmas Eve. Came in from out side and curled up in my chair.🐩🐩🐩 We have a small tree this year but it seems just right. 2017 likes Fun day in the studio Having fun with Daisy s More birds and mushrooms More felt balls At the candle light walk tonight Chickadee It's fun to make these decorative felt balls Doing some needle felting Boy and his dog Showing off my wonderful new rist art from ini_crafts_and_design. All read for bed Making snow balls to decorate. Coast chair. A wonderful gift in the mail from a great friend . Thank you Having a fun day at the studio Having fun with thread today What to do next Happy It's a wonderful day out Fall Nature is amazing Spending the hole day at the hospital pre surgery Lots of grapes this year Alday spent in bed with the room spinning. It's like the worst hangover with out all the fun. Also working on this fish Back to the studio after about 3 mounts away working on a blue Heron Wonderful flower from ruk Lazy morning Just enjoying the morning sun Oliver has started grade 11 πŸ˜€ Back to knitting the fall weather is on its way. A wonderful flower arrangement from my friend Soleil. The plums are looking good sound the jam will be made Fall. Is just around the corner Point prime gift shop Nature it's amazing What a great spot for lunch Point prim Beautiful point prime contraction White dog red dirty . What a beautiful day Just a lazy morning Great time One of the wounderful fish at the quilting weekend Summer I love my deck Oliver finished his Herb Garden. Great morning BJ woundful irises My new stile. Soon to be πŸ’ Cherry's Anouther kids quilt Quilt for kids Great lunch PEI so amazing The fourth one all cut out Third path one more for this piece Second step of new piece I'm starting a new piece. It's going to have meny pathway s this is the red one My new hairstyle from 150 one salon Leaves leaves leaves Little chickadee likes last year's birthday gift. A sine of spring it's on its way Starting new project Finished you must walk your path alone but you can bring love with you. Finished this path of hospital s Happy St Patrick's day Happy international women's day to all . Do one thing to let anther women know you appreciate her in your life. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ Just laying around. It's hard to get up on Monday. Just sewing the tile floor down. This is just a detail. I'm trying to make a thread drawing of all the things at the hospital that I use. The hospital hallways New piece I love my Frisby. Just finished A relaxing day knitting Finished into the meadow. Finished piece Cancer s path I left to make tea Winter is Boling on my door Working on a big project with the guild Feeling good Finished Mouse after mushrooms Studio day YA Little bunny Coffee party for Valentine's The boys on there comfy spots My new colour hair I would like to start a new group in Charlottetown PEI textile Artist. Hope there are some people interested. Just finished a little vest for my niece's little new born. Working on my hand stitching. Great lunch at Himalayan curry A fun day at the studio. In the glow It's nice to have a sanctuary to recover. First day back to the studio. One tired dog It's a good day to sit by the fire. So tired after the holiday s just want to curl up and knit. 1916 Ottawa street Hamilton Steam museum Tree is small this year It's Ethan's birthday to day 4 years old The river in Bilbao The baking is wonderful Flower market It is a amazing art peace Amazing. Old place so rich every corner That's a big dog A great ceiling Great drinking fountain A great day here in Bilbao Just look at these doots Another build Lunch the anchovies are wonderful A fantastic place I found Every where you look there getting ready for the holidays From the earth Wonderful doorknocker From the top of the hills of Bilbao Great art deco This is my view for the next week out side my window Amearal in the old city in Bilbao The Moor influence is ever where in Sevilla Love this tile lady The tapestry are amazing both in skill and size. A wonderful bathing pool So coming A night at Flamenco This is for you Peter There are many beautiful filled on the buildings. Seville Seville oranges Large mushrooms We are in Sevilla Spain the Hart of bull fighting Basilica of Arantzazu Having a great time Grape on the vien So much wine Cindy Hotel at a winery we visited Yum The food here in Spain is great More food Food so good Church in spain Span Cheers This is the view form your room Just finished the grape jam Magical woods A day of sewing Happy happy Studio day Cuddling on the couch. So far this is starting to look like something Ethan and his sock buddy Rugs ,rugs Rug hooking Jean Fawthrop Jean faqthrop I'm going to have a nap on this bed This is the teachers Karen Henry Amherst fiber festival workshop Birthday dinner It's a wonderful wood ship. Fun birthday ship tour Spanish ship Bee party Hard morning time for donuts Nature is amazing The best part of fall is all the great food. Backyard apples. A trip with friends to the Belfast Minny Mill's and I can't knitt fast enough. Water lily to days work Elm tree I'm working on a lily pond Enjoying the cool day Fall Fall is my favorite time of year From the best boyfriend ever. Everyone in your house is feelings little tired on the third day of school Third day of school. I love my studio couch The fair garden First day of high school now did he get so old Off to school North shore Richard great fist burger. Hot fluffy dog GLO apple pie My Champion So nice to have nature around the colours are beautiful. Soon I will be home but you have made my home away from home happy. I woke up to day with a fair watching over me. I am very blessed I have such great friends. Thank you . I m trying to knitt a spine this is my first attempt at a disc. The colours is almost unreal Cleaning up the studio today. Pepper are coming Final finished this piece if you are in to reserve coffee in Charlottetown you'll see it. It's time for a haircut. It's the different in nature that catch are eye. Let's celebrate it in each other. My friend the dragon Sometimes time has away of sneaking up on you. Like just now when I looked down at my hands to see my mother's hands were mine The Humble Barber did a great job on Oliver's hair. Just laying around. Trying to knitt a spin this is the is the first attempt. A little visitor so cute we took him to the park Nature is magical Nana and Oliver Lin's take out Book launch of time and a place. My cherry tree is just starting to be ready. Oh back yard bounty. The back side of the dunes Family on the board walk. 
At Greenwich PEI Sunday barbeque. At Greenwich Boat museum in st Peter's Museum in st Peters st Peter's bay PEI I don't need to pee that badly I'm not going out in that. It's raining hard today but that's good we need it. What a beauty My new tattoo no colours next time Just hanging out Having are nail's done. The thinking tree Welcoming fairy garden The colours of nature you can't beat it. Amazing A new peace Working on sunflower Britten my day Having a cuddle Spring is here only 13 f today Makes me think of cotton candy. Working on a sunflower Enjoying the setting sun The view First visit to Richard Play with me and my toy My friend Sosi has been helping me with the garden. Oliver's geraniums Working on the garden Dog walk Lions foundation dog  guild walk Good morning dog G Working on my back yard Cherry blossoms in the backyard Having fun Having fun Perfect day Good show on tattoos at the ROM View out the window of the condo Long weekend  here I come Watching the music at the alley Purl's and a butterfly mind My mother's day breakfast made but the boy's. Traveling through Happy anniversary Olle and Luisa sending colourful love from PEI Playing music and relaxing on the day off of school. Day of school being lazy Having fun. Just hanging out. New piece in the works Cutting out dot's New summer rug by doak textile Working on my peace on the bloods path. Vane's and how things are like a path through the body. Love colours Spring is in the air .just look around Starting some new work. 4:00 beer it's Saturday ah It's getting there I have to build the frame and mount it . Working on some hand switching. You might ask yourself will she ever finish this. Ethan had full access to the garden over the winter and his training is gone. So I have fentesd in the garden . back to training. Tulips Britten the morning O ruk and I are decorating for spring. Maybe it will keep th snow away I need to clean up before I can work ooohh Happy birthday Peter Sleepy dog it's time for school. Inspired by my friend Soela My new thrift shop find. Taco night My first brave crocus of spring Putting little needs on now. Just finished putting the crescents on only a few more steps Some of us gust resting today A day of pierogi  making. Small steps Sometimes the help is a little more work but it's worth the time. When you get to have time together. Onions make my eye cry Patatos Red island baked potato Cuddle buddy Snowy day out the window of the studio Cheers do something nice for your self . happy International Women s day. A spirit I have Happy sock on today Knitting with linen Just waiting to get my treatment Better hair day A little love to brighten the day thank you Janet and Alan Good morning Fussy wussy Unspiratble There taking out my nice old doors it's a little sad. Back at the studio today Wool blankets for a snow day I'm back at it the snow has stopped and I'm at the studio. Big yawn snowday here we are all he Bing lazy Sleepy dog I'm finally starting to put the house on House's house's only a few more. The finished pile is bigger only four my House in this batch. Sunday morning Making waves New piece of work it will be a calibration with Happy Glass. I'll keep you posted as  we work on it. Murphy's new poolhall I left my work for a minute and Ethan is now sleeping on it. I hope he didn't find the needle . Studio day all most finished Oliver and Ethan It's always a little sad to see the tree go and it leave a big hole in room It's almost time to pack it up Rise cuber Boy and dog Making a plaid shirt It's great to be a dog Happy international knitters day El This is a tattoo that I design all mast 30 years a go I think I m going to get it done. Starting the winter holiday decorating Rainy day inside Starting to think of the winter holidays Love this fabric Oliver's day in the studio Oliver's wreath Home on a PD day So glad to be home Last day in Norway Frosty Sunset Little details At the market Tapestry Picked Herring Angry baby Water fountain What a view Peter and Luisa Oslo All closed no food Three generations of Rukavinas Opera House At the opera house Great quilt show The tree has found a home Looking at the moon Almost finished work in progress Fall lighting so wonderful Working on a new Peace Stocking up for winter knitting Pluns mmmm Fall my favorite time of year Backyard Hair cut at upstreet This sidewalk is blocked by the sign and boxes of  flowers. Why is this allowed. Are little lap dog I love my backyard Nature its amazing Thanks Pete Clows red and white Waiting while they have coffee at tall and small Playing with colors Relaxing at up street Elm tree finally finished thanks to Peter and Todd Back yard Goody's Dog days in summer Back yard wonder Lazy dog Gift for yoga Oliver's project a yoga mat outdoor yoga Education rallies People gathering supporting education Great day to plant trees Working on a new quilt blocks New quilt top Ethan looks like a new dog After hair cut Ethan Ethan be for his hair cut Having beet juice at the smiling goat Grand pré Marsh land Coffee at lion&bright Having dinner at heartwood Halifax Pugwash Peace conference pugwash New beach bag Studio storage


Putting up some Halliday magic. My fibershare package. Haging out at the pub with Oliver listening to music β˜˜οΈπŸ€β˜˜οΈπŸ€β˜˜οΈπŸ€ We put up the winter village yesterday. The heat has broke and it the most wonderful day today hope everyone is enjoying it. Something from nothing that's what this project remindes me of with ever stitch foul of love. From the cupboard So I found this and it works great if you are sock challenge d like me. Finally had to go out It's March 22and it is snowing alot. There's something falling from the sky Knitting on the way to Kingston Ontario The stash The village is up. Irish language great fun Great time at the pore man. Great time at the pore house Back yard fun First time to the beach this year. The village is up so the Halliday's have stared Clyde River pageant Having fun Happy new year everyone play the music load and dance. Other half of winter village Winter village